This resume is outdated but it gives some idea of what I have done. Feel free to contact me for an up-to-date copy or visit my LinkedIn page and request to add me to your network.


  • Perl programming — some modules I've worked with: mod_perl, DBI, DBD::Sybase, DBD::Informix, HTML::Mason, CGI
  • SQL — especially Informix 10 SQL and Sybase Transact-SQL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML, including conversion from HTML 4.01 to XHTML and CSS
  • Shell scripting, primarily with bash on Linux
  • Informix ACE reports
  • CVS, using and designing an implementation and release schedule
  • Good documentation and editorial practices
  • Technical project management
  • Configuring Apache in a small environment
  • Familiarity with standard Unix tools like vi, ssh, du, lpd, df, etc.
  • Installation/maintenance of Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, and RedHat
  • Installing and configuring Postfix MTA
  • Installing and configuring software RAID under Linux
  • Linux/Samba and Windows integration
  • LAN administration (network and workstation)
  • Backup/storage/restoration management
  • x86 and amd64 hardware
  • General familiarity with office software under Windows and Linux

Work History

  • 07/2003 - present — St. Edward's University — 3001 S Congress Ave / Austin, TX 78704
    Title: Programmer Analyst
    Supervisor: Michael Marks, (512) 448-8400
    1. Design, write, and maintain Perl and SQL web applications, modules, stored procedures, table schemas, and ACE reports for the Jenzabar CX ERP system running on HP-UX and Informix.
    2. Wrote DBD::Plibdata, a DBI driver module that interfaces with Jenzabar CX ERP system.
    3. Redesigned the New College and Graduate online applications despite several major architectural limitations.
    4. Wrote a Web-based timesheet application and approval workflow system for student workers that integrated into the CX system. There were no timesheet applications that targeted student worker needs (think college workstudy) at the time so I wrote it in concert with direction from the Business Office and Student Financial Services.
    5. Provide technical consulting for the roll-out of a Content Management System and Alumni Online Directory services.
    6. When the system administrator took another job, I fixed a Linux/Samba system that was thrashing the disk by upgrading RedHat 7 to a 2.6 kernel, reorganizing the RAID array and volumes, and eliminating unnecessary I/O.
    7. Write and maintain scripts to support data analysis via Noel Levitz.
  • 05/2001 - 03/2003 — Amicus, Inc. — 3410 Far West Blvd Ste 300 / Austin, TX 78731
    Title: Software Engineer
    Supervisor: Glenn King, (512) 531-3400
    Reason for Leaving: Laid off due to lack of work
    1. Designed, wrote, and maintained Perl and SQL scripts, stored procedures, unit tests, and modules related to:
      • the billing system (data mining, storing, and reporting)
      • cleaning up extremely sensitive customer NASD 98-11 compliance data
      • implementing NFS file locking for the 98-11 system
      • a cryptographic single sign-on system for integrating Amicus products with customers and third parties
      • rewriting the Crypt::CBC documentation and unit tests and submitting a patch to the maintainer
      • a script to replace sqsh for dumping Sybase data into a format specified on the command line
    2. Designed and documented CVS implementation
    3. Designed and wrote development, testing, and production roll-out procedures
    4. Development support for Design department (mainly cleaning up HTML)
    5. I also volunteered to edit the company newsletter!
  • 05/1999 - 05/2001 — Amicus, Inc. — 3410 Far West Blvd Ste 300 / Austin, TX 78731
    Title: Internal Systems Administrator
    Supervisor: Jeff Schulz, (512) 531-3400
    Reason for Leaving: Changed titles
    1. Maintained Perl-based billing system
    2. Maintained Post.Office MTA and Amicus email addresses
    3. Maintained Executone PBX with OS/2-based Repartee voicemail system
    4. Designed and implemented Intel Shiva VPN for remote access to the LAN
    5. Co-designed layout of new office's cabling
    6. Managed transition of hardware to new office
    7. Designed, built, and rolled out a Linux server running Samba and Netatalk on a LVD SCSI/software RAID array
    8. Installed and maintained a Linux-based DHCP server
    9. Maintained Windows and Mac workstations on the LAN
    10. Maintained LAN hardware (switches, outlets, cables, etc.)
    11. Performed backup and restore operations
    12. Recommended hardware and software purchases
  • 07/1998 - 04/1999 — Austin Community College — 1212 Rio Grande / Austin, TX
    Title: Senior Computer Support Technician
    Supervisor: Myra Bradley
    Reason for Leaving: Needed a salaried job with benefits
    1. Maintained Windows and Mac workstations on the LAN
    2. Designed, built, and rolled out a Linux server for serving content via Samba and Netatalk
    3. Set up drive mirroring using Ghost software
    4. Recommended purchases
  • 09/1996 - 04/1998 — InteSol — 2905 Brown Trail Ste 1 / Bedford, TX 76021
    Title: End User Onsite Support Technician
    Supervisor: Calvin Smith, VOANT
    Reason for Leaving: They wanted a full-time person. I would have been the first choice but I was going to school full-time.
    1. Maintained Windows and Mac workstations on the Volunteers of America, North Texas, LAN
    2. Maintained Novell Netware 3.x server and clients
    3. Maintained PCAnywhere connection to LAN from a remote client
    4. Recommended purchases
  • 12/1995 - 08/1996 — McClarty and Associates — 8608 Alverstone Way / Austin, TX
    Title: Support Technician (contract)
    Supervisor: Ron McClarty
    Reason for Leaving: Going to college in Dallas
    1. Supported and maintained Windows workstations and LANs for the owner's customers (e.g., Kyle Chapman Motors, Austin, TX)
    2. Maintained owner's LAN and workstations
    3. Recommended purchases
    4. Performed some general office duties (photocopying, organizing, answering phone, etc.)


  • University of Texas at Austin, BA Philosophy. 01/2000 - 05/2003.
  • University of Texas at Arlington, (6 hours). 08/1997 - 05/1998.
  • Dallas Baptist University, Philosophy Major (60 hours). 08/1996 - 05/1998.
  • Pflugerville High School, Advanced Honors. 08/1992 - 12/1995.